Call for proposals 2021

Submit your proposal for a new use-case

Posted by Andrea Battaglia on April 20, 2021 · 2 mins read

Hi everyone!

It’s time for the QIoT community to focus on a new Edge Computing use-case.

We are calling you all for proposals as we believe our contribution should meet the expectations and the needs and should help addressing risks and challenges of the Edge Computing ecosystem: Subject Matter Experts, System Integrators, Customers, etc

A new use-case is a great stepping-stone to modernize existing architectures and keep improving the blueprints adhering to the latest specs. To give you a few examples:

  • Certificate provisioning and mutual authentication

  • Edge workload distribution

  • Cloud-native events

  • Distributed CI/CD

  • Pipelines and charts

With some boundaries:

  • Container Platform of choice: Openshift

  • Cloud-Native framework of choice: Quarkus

Proposal submission: How to

  • Fork the repository we created to collect all the proposal submissions;

  • Create a sub-folder under "2021" and name it with the name of your proposal and place all your submission content there:

    • Create README to argument the followings:

      • Vertical (e.g.: manufacturing, automotive, telco, healthcare, etc) the use-case falls into;

      • Use-case;

      • Technology stack;

    • Add everything that could draw a clear and understandable big picture of your proposal.

  • Submit a PR to get your content merged;

We’ve set up GitHub Discussion on the repository to encourage and support open discussion and debate around the submitted proposals.

The best proposals will be put to the vote by public survey.

Deadline: May 24th 2021

The QIoT team

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