The “Quarkus meets IoT” (QIoT) community was born in late 2020 from a Red Hat initiative focusing on empowering IoT and Edge computing using Red Hat cloud-native technologies: the QIoT Hackfest.

We decided to create this community starting from the project implemented for the QIoT Hackfest and work on its improvements to make it more Edge/Computing compliant.

This community is contributed by subject matter experts from several companies, specialized in different areas (cloud-native development, container technology, IoT, security, data analytics) driven by passion and willingness to collaborate on the design and implementation of solutions dedicated to the IoT and edge/computing market.

Short term goal of the QIoT community is to have fun and grow together, learning from each other.

The long term goal is to implement new PoCs covering different IoT verticals on the Market using Quarkus, Openshift and other community projects.

QIoT is an OPEN community always looking for new members. If you are keen to learn and have fun with us please join our slack channel.