Options for RHEL9 (for Edge) and containers on a Compulab Fitlet2


Posted by James Read on March 01, 2023 · 1 min read
Andrea Battaglia Andreas Stolzenberger

There is an excellent article on how to install RHEL8 on the Fitlet2 from a previous hackfest, by Andreas Stolzenberger. However, with RHEL9 there are even more options, varying from the simple, to the more complex.

Option 1) RHEL9 + Podman (easiest)

When you start this hackfest, we’d recommend starting off with RHEL9 and Podman. This is the easiest to get started, even though it isn’t "RHEL for Edge".

Simply, burn a RHEL9 .iso to a USB stick, add the SD card into the Fitlet2 that came in the box, and follow the graphical installer.

After RHEL9 finishes installing;

user@host: dnf install podman
user@host: systemctl start --now podman

Option 2) Generate RHEL for Edge images (ostree commits) via Image Builder

Option 3 ) Using FDO (most complex, but also the most realistic)

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